Instagram: Block a user, there is an amazing option that will silence you



Fantastic new option has been made available by Instagram. If you want to block a user immediately, there is a useful tool that will leave you speechless for its simplicity and functionality.

Instagram Nowadays one of the reference social networks. Despite other realities such as explosions tick tock e BeReal, virtually anyone has an active account on the Zuckerberg platform and posts content. Or just follow your favorite creators.

Instagram (Photo Canva)
Instagram (Photo Canva)

Success achieved by social networks and above all incredible work results development team, Always be careful to expose features that may be relevant to users’ needs. However, there are bad experiences: Have you ever wanted to block a person with your account? There is an alternative Easy to use and incredibly useful.

How to block a user on Instagram: There is an option

Instagram provides an alternative To block users on Instagram, Very useful and easy to use. Thanks to Limiting, you can do everything without complications and in seconds. The feature in question gives anyone the ability to limit communication with other accounts. change Both accounts are affected. The “limited” person will be able to continue – for example – commenting on your posts But you must authorize them to make them public

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Here’s how to limit everything (Adobe Stock)

The speech is the same For direct messages between two profiles In question. Other people can write to us in DM, but all content will be sent as request. And so not in the classic mailbox, but like any other message. If you want to restrict another person now, you first need to open Instagram on your device and find the account you want to restrict. what could happen among your followers, or go to the section dedicated to research and enter the name. At this point, open the profile and click on the three vertical dots on the top right.

You will see that a menu will open, from which you can click limit. By doing this, Instagram will show you a warning confirming that the selected account is now limited. The other account will never learn that it has been restricted. No notification is being sent, It’s all “hidden”. The feature is very useful if you don’t want to block a profile completely but want to check it further


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