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Someone, most attentive to the details, has already noticed. Now everyone will know: Instagram will be renewed by Meta, in a part that was clearly fixed three years ago. Confirms the official announcement.

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Here are the changes to Instagram – Adobe Stock

The second best social network in circulation behind the increasingly challenging Tick ​​tock, Which allows users to take pictures, apply filters and share via the internet, known for its reels that are so fashionable, wearing a new graphic. That’s the big news.

A makeover has been announced to steal the eye, but it will not only be a visual update of users’ favorite colors, but also a restructuring of the typeface, logo and other elements of the brand.

Special attention to simplicity and self-expression

Reel Instagram 20220526 Cell
Reel Instagram – Adobe Stock

Our new system is designed to embrace continuous evolution to help create a more engaging and inclusive experience for our community.“Instagram thus opens directly to her blog for a change with an official note.

The vibrating gradient (a kind of vector function) has been redesigned using an innovative 3D modeling process to make it brighter and more vibrant. “Gradient of Instagram – Official notes continue – Made with the colors of our brand, it is the foundation of our complete color system

With the light, Gradient will signal marketing, logos, and even app discovery moments: as seen in Create mode. The news will also cover Instagram story stickers and rings “We are thrilled to bring the Instagram experience to life through the power of our redesigned gradient“Insta sound.

Instagram Sans will be a new way for the world community to express themselves on California social networks Stories e Reels. When designing the new typeface, the platform’s goal was to make Instagram Sans globally accessible.

We have partnered with language experts from around the world to adapt to the global typeface – They explain – Including Arabic, Thai and Japanese. We want to support all of our creators and community members who take culture forward to fully express themselves in any language.

The new color palette is then found in app icons and elements like rings that indicate the presence of a story for each account. More generally, our new design system will place content at the center of the Instagram experience, with a focus on simplicity and self-expression.

New marketing layout for this Instagram Show pictures in full screen and mention the in-app experience to celebrate creativity that has always allowed the well-known social network to thrive among young people, the most consistent and sustainable over time. Tick ​​tock net, of course.


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