Instagram: Check your profile now, they might close it



Instagram has a major problem, which is plaguing millions of users around the world. Be very careful with your profile, because they have closed it forever. what’s going on here

Instagram Panorama of the world continues to be one of the reference social networks. Different after the explosion TikTok and BeReal, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform continues to boast dazzling numbers today Millions of people log in every day to view other people’s content or post their own

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Trouble for Instagram, Thousands of User Accounts Disappear (Adobe Stock)

In the coming weeks, more effectiveness is expected, according to the study Team of developers and which aim to increase user loyalty and increase likelihood of use. However, there is no shortage of problems related to the social network, which have emerged in the last few hours. Be careful about yourself Personal profileBecause they might have stopped it.

Instagram, thousands of closed profiles: this is what is happening

Instagram 20221101
What’s Happening Here (Adobe Stock)

this time Instagram It has magnified a huge problem that plagues users and reports of it apparently will continue to come in It seems according to what we read on various social networks Many accounts have been blocked or suspended For violation of certain rules. Without actually doing anything wrong. An unprecedented situation that requires preventive measures, to avoid being left without your profile.

A similar speech also goes for those profiles that can boast of very high numbers in terms of followers As much damage 2000/3000 followersA decrease directly proportional to the number of people for no reason, which does not represent a good picture for those who employ their social activities in any case.

Even Instagram itself noticed what was happening, and actually announced on its Twitter profile that it was working Fix the problem as soon as possible. According to the latest reports, everything seems to be returning quickly and everyone will be able to get their accounts back. But it is clear that such a situation could happen again in the future. Especially if you have a completely inactive profile or if your followers are bots created ad hoc And that does not belong to real people.


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