Instagram, Guaranteed Earnings: The trick everyone is using is very simple



Instagram is a joint application with Facebook, owned by Meta, the company founded by Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram was born and immediately distinguished itself from other social networks, mainly as an app for posting photographs, both as a simple user and as a creator. And it is precisely the content creators, a personality that is gradually developing with the success of these apps, who make it essential to constantly update the app, which is increasingly moving towards expanding the horizons of photography.

The web application developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger was launched on October 6, 2010; Initially only available on iOS, since 2012 it was also made available for devices supporting Android, while in 2016 it was made available for Windows 10 tablet PCs. In May 2022, NFTs officially land on IG; Digital Collectibles allows designers, brands and collectors to share their digital items on social networks This new feature allows them to give NFTs more visibility by putting them on display on the network But the real revolution in Instagram was the possibility of monetization, and creating a purchase on your own page, starting to earn money.

Instagram (Canva)
Instagram (Canva)

Since Instagram added the possibility to create your own virtual showcase, and then start selling your products and services (which is also possible on other social platforms), things have changed a lot and millions of people are looking for the best strategies every day to be able to build and support your business. .

How to create your catalog on Instagram

Instagram experts remind users Editing the catalog is an important point Fly your shop on Instagram. Many users don’t think to take care of this detail, which is necessary for their online business and beyond.

Online Catalog (Canva)
Online Catalog (Canva)

The app specialized in photos can only be ideal and most suitable to show your products in the best possible way and for this reason it allows you to create shoppable content using all the methods that Instagram makes available.. Story and Reel By far the most used method to be able to sell your product or service is through tutorials, stories, direct etc.

The first rule is Keep your catalog inventory regularly updated, offer your customers the best shopping experience. To set up a successful catalog, Instagram recommends implementing the following steps:

1. Create a Corporate Account Manager

2. Locate the Catalog tab in Commerce Manager and create your catalog

3. Add the product you want to sell to your catalog

Also, it is important to confirm All areas of the catalog are complete, Because it will help increase the chances of your product appearing in search, as each product is presented in all its aspects. It is also essential Keep prices up to date Inventory, Links, Availability and Promotion. Finally, never forget Instagram’s power and features, i.e. images and photos. Always select High quality images User-generated content to inspire customers to purchase your products and, where possible, from your page.


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