Instagram is testing a system that uses artificial intelligence to verify users’ age –


Instagram has launched a test episode to test a new way to verify a user’s age through artificial intelligence.

LawArtificial intelligence This is a great theme for the subsequent development of the technology sector, as it is designed to find an outlet in multiple situations. Among these social networks and can not fail to be Instagram Following an investigation by the Wall Street Journal – considering the possibility of using machine learning to solve one of the most influential problems in the United States in particular – Meta-controlled platforms: security Teenager.

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We have talked in various articles about how social networks (once fixed and now dynamic, ensure its centrality) Reel) Want to strengthen i Check Linked to registration on the platform by underage users to avoid abuse. And may include the use of these toolsArtificial intelligence.

Instagram is thinking about it and has launched a preliminary test in the United States to scan users ’faces. The goal is very simple: check the correspondence of the age declared by the user. It is true that it is possible Use Instagram by users 13 years of age or olderBut the platform offers a different approach depending on age: up to the age of 18, social networks offer content that is suitable for minors.

How the age identification system on Instagram will work through selfie videos and artificial intelligence

Recognition of the age of Instagram Artificial Intelligence
New Instagram system based on “smart” face scanning (screenshot Instagram)

Current state, Instagram The United States asks for age verification when a teenage user tries Change her age to 18 or older. This verification is based on a number of options that the member must use to verify his / her request: identity card, passport, driving license and, soon, Face analysis performed by artificial intelligence.

Its operation is very simple. The user is invited to send a selfie video to show their face. This will then be the work of the AI ​​system created in collaboration with the startup Yoti To verify age compatibility. You can also test this system by logging in Official site. Company e Instagram Specify that no images will be stored or shared with third-party companies, making sure that this solution respects all security and privacy protections.

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