Instagram is working on a video feedback option for reels



The success of TikTok has largely come down to participatory trends, and anyone can not only use clips in the app, but also have the ability to adapt themselves to any memes or challenges.

Well, that and his Highly integrated algorithm, Which adjusts to your session preferences in real-time. However, inviting more people to each trend is a key element in opening the app to more users more often, while also expanding TikTok’s content pool, sometimes with a single trend containing thousands of related clips that can then feed users who ‘ Involved with.

So of course, Instagram is also trying to give Relay the same push.

As you can see in this example, posted by App Researcher Alessandro PaluzziInstagram is currently testing a new option that will ask users to ‘create a feedback video’ from the reels share sheet.

It can help more people post more reel content, quick reminders to help you think about how you can do the same thing in your videos.

With TickTock’s ‘duet’ functionality (called a ‘remix’) and the ability to reply to a comment with a reel clip, Instagram has already added a similar. TikTok is also testing a new ‘template’ process with some reel manufacturers that enables users to replicate the format of a reel clip they see in their own content.

Reel template

Video Answers is another step in TikTok’s direction, as Instagram seeks ways to align more closely with TikTok’s core, and hugely popular offers to undo TikTok’s growth and keep users aligned with its apps.

Which is working, at least a little bit. Some IG users have never downloaded TikTok, and are happy with Reels – and if Instagram didn’t add the function, and make it a fairly similar facsimile, those people would probably feel more compelled to use TikTok instead, to maintain it. The latest discussion trends.

This is the real inspiration behind the various TikTok clones, which you can now find on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Of course, they’re less likely to be as good as the original, but they don’t have to be superior, they just have to be good enough so that users can stay in their app, instead of moving to the latest fad.

Although short-form videos are now more than a fad. Over time, more and more people are spending more and more time with short-form video feed options, providing easy moments with snackable, quick-hit entertainment of the format that you can delete extra hours as you scroll through the feed.

Is that a good thing? I mean, this seems to be a logical advancement in online media practice for the most part – we’ve moved from posting texts to posting pictures, to GIFs and videos, then to short video clips, a kind of fusion of the next two formats. People now prefer short clips for almost everything – because if a clip in your feed doesn’t do it for you, you can easily move on to the next one, making it non-promising and giving users more control over their media acceptance.

And as mentioned, it invites further participation. Because maybe you can’t make an hour clip or not, but a quick, funny response? Anyone can do it. It helps more people get started and again, it leads to a stronger content ecosystem, more new clips enter and more people use more content.

Instagram is not yet close to being caught on this front, but Reels Hall is a platform Fast-growing content format – And as mentioned, Meta doesn’t have to be as good or as good as TikTok. It just needs to be ‘close’ to keep people from going astray.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

There is no word yet on official testing or release plans for the new prompt.


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