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Social – once – photos are sure to change, becoming more and more clones of the famous TikTok. The platform is a replica of videos on Chinese social networks, betting everything on reels.

Instagram: Now each video will be a reel – 4722

The goal is always the same: to fight against excessive energy Tick ​​tock. And to do that, meta or rather, Instagram, Will point directly to one side: to create a legitimate alternative to the Chinese social network, which is the most popular in the world today. The so-called introduction ReelsA video that lasted a few seconds paved the way for a new course in Zuckerberg’s social network, which today laid another brick in the construction of an alternative platform to TikTok.

Social counselor There’s Matt Navarre A screenshot has been shared on the network that clearly shows what the new function will be Instagram. We will move towards content integration by converting each video uploaded to the platform into a relay. This means that any audiovisual content uploaded to the platform will now be “shared” with the entire Instagram user, who will be able to download it and use the new relay or use the original audio to create additional ad hoc content. Obviously, from certain commands in Instagram settings, it will be possible to block the use of your reels to create Remix.

Reels: A format that has exploded in the last 12 months

The format of Instagram reels quickly won the platform, as Meta itself is focusing too much on this type of content or cause Tick ​​tock Now the web has modeled the content in its image and harmony. Today, a few months ago, Zuckerberg’s words in 2021 resonated as a rather realistic prophecy. In fact the head of the meter claims that the reels represent the format Fast growing On all platforms of social monster.

And information can only give reasons Zuckerberg. This is the amount of time users spend watching video content / reels Double Compared to 2021, it has grown as much on Facebook80%. Obviously, this is, as always, a function that will be published periodically through the server, so it will not be available to everyone on a canonical update board. We will have to wait for a while until the end of the test episode.

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