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Instagram has taken flight to the Olympus of the great world of social networks, and the millions of users who are present and registered on the Meta-owned platform prove it. The app, since it has become part of Mark Zuckerberg’s extended family, has been increasingly in the spotlight due to changes the Facebook owner has periodically proposed.

Developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app has come a long way since its launch on October 6, 2010. After all the continuous news and updates launched on the app periodically, the last important one in chronological order concerns the official entry. of NFTs on the platform.

Instagram (Canva)

mother la The news of this hour is really important. And millions of registered profiles and concerns about their activities on the platform. You know that, in fact, there is a possibility of opening both a personal and a professional profile for some time.

Instagram introduces commissions for those who sell NFTs

So as expected, Instagram has also stepped in nft market, Meta announced itself, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram.

Zuckerberg’s company explained at Creators Week in Los Angeles. that Users will be able to create their crypto art and publish and advertise it on social platforms, but initially it seems that this possibility will be open to a small number of artists. The important news is that, in view of this, Dr Sharing NFT on Instagram, Meta’s decision is to keep content free when it comes to content publishing, but things change when it comes to sales.

NFT sales on IG
NFT sales on IG (Canva).

From a technical perspective, the blockchains considered by Instagram are Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and Solana. For compatible wallets, there are Rainbow, Metamask and Trust Wallet. Then it will be possible in the app Publish NFTs and also put them up for sale, With the possibility of being able to create them directly in the app (the tools to do so, however, are currently only available in the US).

The meta company has explained that it will not take commissions from maker NFT sales until 2024, but it is NFTs created by Instagram are predicted to take a 30% cut from selling and buying on third-party platforms, And in this case creators/authors will have the possibility to set an additional commission for resale – which varies between 5% and 25%.


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