Instagram: Save the lives of its users An amazing setting


Also in Italy, a very useful innovation has arrived and which is entirely focused on increasing the health of users on the net. Here’s what it is and what you need to do to activate it immediately

Despite achieving incredible success in recent years tick tock, Instagram The global reference continues to be the social network. There are billions of users all over the world who use the platform actively and passively every day. in Posts, Videos, Reels, Stories And more, there are several categories to explore.

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The company’s success is also fueled by and above all development team, Always be on the lookout to release updates and new features to keep up with Instagram’s times. Precisely in this regard, Italy also has a convenient feature that indicates that everything is to come on mental health and well-being users

Instagram, even in Italy “take a break” comes: what is it

After the first beta launch in November 2021, “take a break” per Instagram. As the name suggests, this tool will be used to set a limit for social network usage, with a timer set that alerts the individual. When the limit is exceeded.

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The tool will allow you to set a maximum usage timer, without blocking the service if it exceeds the limit (Getty Images)

A simple reminder to take a break from intensive use, rest your mind and think about something other than posts and stories.

To be able to activate everything immediately, just go to the settings and then click on the menu of your personal account. Here’s the voice “up to you”, From which to choose “Set break reminder”. Here you can choose a timer to receive alerts with time at the user’s expense. After enabling everything, it will work Instagram Send automatic notifications whenever a deadline is reached. The timer will be disabled when you quit the application.

As reported by Key meta, this simple feature is gaining a lot of popularity among the public About 90% of those who activated it declared that they respected the timer entered. This update is part of a larger program of measures taken ZuckerbergFollowing complaints about issues due to excessive use of the app.

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