Instagram ticks the ticket and starts a test episode in a much awaited function –


Mark Zuckerberg himself has announced the start of a test episode dedicated to a new Instagram function through a story that catches the eye of the ticket

I Social media They are gradually adhering to provide the same user experience to millions of customers, drawing on mechanics and options that have received good feedback from users.

New key on Instagram (AdobeStock)

Let’s think of this as an example Short videoThanks a fashion that exploded Tick ​​tock And advancing through competition, Instagram In the first position. The photographic social network will draw another feature of the rival platform, which will complete a transformation that has been going on for some time.

In this sense, its the word Mark ZuckerbergWhich has happened in recent days Announcement An important one News for Instagram Precisely inspired by Tick ​​tock. The meta platform will, in fact, offer the same full-screen feed as the Chinese competitor, consistent with the announcement last May. For now, the Test season has begun, awaiting a big debut.

New changes adapt to new perspectives InstagramWhich has transformed “static” social networks – parallel to the explosion of multimedia content and especially short videos – into a “dynamic” platform open to creative content.

Instagram in full screen: How social networks change

News Instagram feed full screen
Changes coming to Instagram (screenshot AndroidCentral)

In this sense, r New full screen feed Will allow you to prioritize more Reel on Instagram. The changes also affect some purely organizational aspects and which, according to the developers’ imagination, should improve the user experience of the platform’s customers. In particular, r Shortcut Some changes have also been made to create new posts and to the message box access function.

However, the centrality of the post remains, and the full-size experience offered by the new feed will make the use of content more attractive.

Although change is still there Test stage And the innovation in question will take weeks to make its way across the board. This kind of compatibility or in some ways “flattening” between social networking platforms remains in the background, increasingly similar in terms of functionality and user experience. Keep in mind that this isn’t a problem, but perhaps it’s time to be bold and offer some ingredients Separation Which could revolutionize the social sphere after the fashion of short videos.

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