Instagram’s New Age Verification Tool – Safety Week with Tony Enscomb | WeLiveSecurity


Since Instagram is testing a new age verification tool, what are some of the concerns when it comes to confirming someone’s age on the internet?

Instagram – which has been criticized in recent years for its potential impact on adolescent mental health – is OK Announcement It is testing a new tool for age verification. Users who try to change their age from under 18 to over 18 need to prove their age using one of three options – upload their ID, send a video selfie, or ask three adults to prove it for them. Currently available in the United States, the new approach is designed to help the app better implement age restrictions and ensure that it provides age-appropriate content for its young users.

In this video, Tony shares his thoughts on Instagram and weighs in:

  • Impact of age verification
  • Two ‘camps’ in age verification debate
  • Why age-compatibility is such a complex issue

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