Internet on the plane: Who offers it here and how much it costs during the flight –


A terrestrial and satellite technology that allows you to surf the Internet while on a flight: the connection via the web travels with us, but only with a few companies at the moment and still at a high rate. Let’s find out the details.

The web connection travels by air with us –

“The same principle that we use with the Wi-Fi connection we connect to Home o In Office “, He announced Claudio CassettiProfessor of Telecommunication Network Polytechnic of Turin.

This is: the system we usually use at home is a “Access point“, Such as a router that transmits Wi-Fi signals and from a”Backhaul“Connectivity is two-way for sending outgoing and incoming data, and is managed by a Operator Through fiber optic infrastructure, or through copper or cellular networks.

When we fly in an airplane, “one or more access point signals are transmitted Cabin Piloting and Backhaul is achieved through a Satellite connection Or a Ground connection”, Continued Professor Cassetti. In this environment and in this situation, “the use of satellite or terrestrial backhoe depends The location of the aircraftSatellite connectivity has become the only solution available at sea or in sparsely populated areas. “

The difference between the two connections is relative Signal delayThe biggest reason for the satellite is because of the external path of the satellite orbiting the ad More than 30,000 kilometers from Earth But which, compared to terrestrial, is a proposition High bandwidth For data transfer.

Companies that provide connection services and costs

Internet Airplane June 1, 2022
At the moment rates range from a low of 1.90 euros to a high of 56.50 euros –

These are the companies that are currently providing internet connection services on board ITA AirwaysThe KLMThe Lufthansa And SwitzerlandPrices starting from the lowest euro 1,90 Up to the maximum Euro for ITA Airways 56,50 For the Swiss.

Prices depend on different types Package Offers, which offer trades starting from 10 MB Up to navigation (as in the case of ITA Airways) 1 GB (As in the case of Lufthansa), speed up 400 KB / s.

As reported by Professor Cassetti, at the moment “this is actually a Expensive serviceEspecially if you want broadband on board. “But it’s very possible that it could Decreased soonDue Request Especially high and constantly growing connections by travelers, and therefore aOffer Which makes sense to assume that the company will be increasingly and increasingly competitive.

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