Interpol arrests Silver Terrier cybercrime gang leader in connection with BC attack



Silver Terrier Cyber ​​Crime Gang behind the BEC attack

The Nigerian police force has arrested the suspected head of the Silver Terrier Cyber ​​Crime Group following a year-long international investigation.

“The suspect is accused of running an international cybercrime syndicate that launched a massive phishing campaign and business email compromise scheme targeting companies and individual victims,” ​​Interpol said. Says In a statement.

Cyber ​​security

Operation Delilah, as it is called a concerted international effort, involved tracking the physical movements of a 37-year-old Nigerian man before he was caught at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

Singapore-Headquarters Cyber ​​Security Company Group-IB Says It provides threat intelligence by leading to arrests as part of a police operation launched in May 2021.

Silver Terrier Cyber ​​Crime Gang

The development is the third in a series of law enforcement measures aimed at identifying and arresting suspected members of the Silver Terrier Gang (aka TMT).

Cyber ​​security

In November 2020, three alleged members of the group were arrested in 2017 for conspiring with at least 500,000 public and private sector companies in more than 150 countries. Eleven more members were arrested earlier this year as part of an operation called Falcon. .


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