iOS 15.6 arrives in Italy, for everyone: here are the latest iPhone updates before iOS 16 –


iOS 15.6 has arrived in Italy for all iPhone owners compatible with the latest operating system. After running for weeks in general beta for developers and the public, the latest update comes on the eve of iOS 16 release.

iOS 15.6 is here! – 21722

Here we are, it’s time for everyone (or almost everyone) to install the new update iOS 15.6 for iPhone. The final version comes, as usual, after a running time on board the beta Dedicated to (first) developers and (later) the public. To report the news, we thought the same appleWhich thus made the iOS 15.6 update officially available for our country

Especially, its colleagues 9 to 5 Mac, yesterday evening, 20 July 2022, was chosen as the launch window for the new iOS 15.6 update. Then the rollout begins and, as one might expect, it’s anything but Introduction What we will see from here in the next few weeks is the final arrival iOS 16. In other words, it’s an update that we can define as small, though fundamental to pave the way for bigger updates.

iOS 15.6: Here’s why you need to update your iPhone

iOS 15.6 is here!  - 21722
iOS 15.6 is here! – 21722

The changelog shared by Apple reads “Software updates“e”iOS 15.6 includes improvements, bug fixes, and security updates” In short, no absolute news, in fact, some and small improvements in the context of the great event called iOS 16. 9 to 5 Mac Found a function that allows, from the TV app Replay a sports match currently live, pause it or manage playback Also fixed other bugs, including one where I mentioned the device’s memory was full, even though it actually wasn’t.

So it’s time to update your devices in view of the arrival of iOS 16. There are software updates for iPadOS 15.6, watchOS 8.7, macOS 12.5 and tvOS 15.6. Remember, if you want to try iOS 16 features in advance, you can Sign up for the public beta from apple For iPhone software.

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