iPhone 13 Pro, at an unbelievable price: buy now


The price of an iPhone 13 Pro is embarrassing, having lost its initial value thanks to online offers, it’s crazy not to buy it.

It is set to give way to the new-generation model, completely (also) revamped in aesthetics and some key features, while continuing its claim to a lower commercial position due to its future arrival.iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera (AdobeStock)

l’iPhone 13 Pro A list price though not exactly accessible to common users has certainly earned it appreciation. Its pure flagship features justify the extra cost compared to many mid-range Android smartphones, including quality materials and hardware components that Apple has carefully chosen to deliver an uncompromising user experience.

The list price (1,189 euros for the version with 128 GB of storage on board) inevitably reflects the production costs spent by Apple to create its “jewel”. is actually explained by TechInsightsAmerican companies spend $570 To produce a single iPhone 13 Pro: Note that the launch price of the smartphone in the US is set $999.

These figures are slightly higher than those supported by Apple for the iPhone 12 Pro realization (558 dollars) mainly responsible for some hardware elements embedded under the “hood” of the device, such as the A15 bionic chip, the screen with promotion technology with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and the new main sensor of the camera, which will be replaced with the next one by Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Over the years, iPhone production costs have increased and consequently prices for the public have increased, especially with the introduction of the iPhone. 5G technology e OLED panel.

Then it is clear that an equally important role in the details of the final price list is represented by far from secondary costs Research and development and marketingTwo aspects on which Apple pays particular attention.

iPhone 13 Pro on offer at Amazon

iPhone 13 Pro production cost
iPhone 13 Pro (AdobeStock)

It is still possible to buy compared to a few months ago iPhone 13 Pro In lower figures, thanks to the advent of online offers that have made it possible to reduce the overall cost for the most complete of the latest iPhones. And, as expected at the beginning of the article,iPhone 14 Pro Release It will help bring the selling price down further.

From date, for example, it is possible to buy iPhone 13 Pro Offer on the amazon Priced at 1,139 euros, but searching through various online e-commerce sites, promotions for just over 1,000 euros are not hard to come across.

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