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Display with notch and always-on display. The new iPhone 14 will have an absolute hero: the new panel, which will change not only the aesthetics but also the technology. Let’s find out together the latest rumors starring iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro: Always on-display in Arrivo - 260522
iPhone 14 Pro: Always on-display in Arrivo – 260522

New IPhone 14 There will be an absolute hero: display. Farewell Notch In the Pro model, on the front camera There will be significant improvement Video call and selfie quality. But there’s more: Rumors have been circulating in recent months that the next iPhone will be integrated for the first time in the brand’s history.Always on-display. A mode that, in other words, will allow you to quickly see your device without having to “turn it on”.

However, it is better to be careful: every year, for some time, there is talk of the possible emergence of this technology. Advents that come immediately – and sadly – To ignore From the reality of things. Apple still has reason not to integrate the always-on display into its flagship products Cupertino himself adopted the technology. From its emergence Cost Possible Burn-in Of the panel OLEDThere are many reasons why the iPhone does not have an “always on” display.

iPhone 14: This time we have Apple Watch technology

iPhone 14 Pro: Always on-display in Arrivo - 260522
iPhone 14 Pro: Always on-display in Arrivo – 260522

With the iPhone 14, however, things could change with a focus on the top models: iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max. Ross YoungOne of the most trusted interiors in the entire high-tech landscape, back to the discussion about the iPhone 14’s display that kept the variable refresh rate function at the center. And 1 at 120 Hz. Discussions that then led to touch the themeAlways on-displayWith the possible emergence of the next generation of iPhone by the end of 2022.

Young, for his part – and his acquaintances – Not 100% sureBut the function is present Apple Watch It could, in all likelihood, be the end IPhone 14. Characterized by exactly the same technology Apple Watch Series 5 Later, it may end up on the iPhone as well, capable of going down the refresh rate 1 Hz And then go up again when needed. Another feature that sets the Pro versions apart from the “basic” versions is the addition of the refurbished “notch” design.

2022 is therefore preparing for a new 2017, while IPhone X.With its shapes renewing from the ground up, it literally split the market, giving life to a new course in Apple’s design and style.


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