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iPhones 14 will have a unique feature of their kind, such as being able to recognize wet or water-covered environments when they are turned on. But does this innovation bring something different from what we already know?

Such a mobile phone can only be unique – Computermagazine.it

By all new projects ApplesWhat to do with the iPhone is not unnoticed, and in particular we find some concrete like the one published by the American Office USPTOWhich a few days ago gave Apple a software solution that allows an electronic device to recognize when it works in humid contexts or with water-covered screens.

It has certainly happened to many that water affects touch Instrument Electric, Especially since many smartphones are fluid resistant and probably allow us the luxury of cleaning it under the tap. This is the main reason why Cupertino House is included in itself Smart watch A special mode that disables the touch of the clock while you are in the pool.

The innovative ability of the new iPhone

iPhone 14 will not be afraid of water: now it will understand when it gets wet and will be able to adapt
iPhones 14 is considered to be the best smartphone in terms of endurance – Computermagazine.it

This must be set before entering the water, when in the patent in question Apple developers have explained how Instrument Recognizes extraordinary conditions for itself and inserts itself into a special mode that does not block all activities, as happens on the clock. But caution must be exercised; The Announcement They don’t end there.

The system is, of course, not limited to moisture detection, but can also recognize two situations associated with two different modes: one, Wet modeSuch as when the display is wet, and Underwater mode, Which is the moment when it is completely submerged in water. This is the same picture attached to the patent that suggests the concrete situation; When you enter the water and sink Phone An ambient pressure sensor controls the underwater mode, which can automatically recall a simplified camera interface.

After that, r Mobile phone It is carried over the water, naturally wet with displays as well as fingers and toes. The pressure sensor detects new conditions and orders the weight mode, which restores some common functions of its trigger interface. IPhone, But not all. Note, moreover, that as the size and humidity of the screen keys increase, the distance between them becomes wider and wider, as the presence of water compromises – exactly – the ability of the screen to detect where to touch. Not bad, is it?

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