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The next big iPhone will be called iPhone 14 Pro Max. A centralized power that will be presented at Apple’s September general event. But what will be its true extent?

iPhone 14 Pro Max โ€“ 15722 www.computermagazine.it

The hour of truth is approaching at home apple. The new iPhones will usually be presented at an event in September, which is usually the month Cupertino Remove the curtain from the new year line-up. There will be variants among the heroes Pro Max The iPhone 14, which is this year, according to numerous rumors that have emerged in recent months, will make a decisive leap compared to the current generation iPhone 13 Pro Max. There should be several aspects to change, however The display is not diagonalWhich will already be mounted at “many” 6.7 inches.

To talk about Chinese platform colleagues BaiduWhich will reveal a lot of details about the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. First we talk sensorWhich will take an obvious step up in terms of pixel count this year: well 48. Together with pixels, Frame size cameraNow wider and denser.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Dimensions Revealed

iPhone 14 Pro Max - 15722 www.computermagazine.it
iPhone 14 Pro Max โ€“ 15722 www.computermagazine.it

A bump, the technical term, would be good to define the thickness of the camera module 4,17 mm. A significant increase (+ 16%) compared to the current generation of iPhone 13 Pro Max at 3.6mm. The thickness of the iPhone 14 Pro Max will therefore return to the values โ€‹โ€‹of several years ago, 12mm di iPhone 3GS – apparently with reference to the “lower” smartphone part near the camera panel.

The width should also be increased, approx 78,58 mm, further increasing the footprint from the 78.1mm of the current largest iPhone. Rather lowers the height, come on 160,8 mm Up to 160.71mm of iPhone 14 Pro Max. In fact, what we will get in our hands in October 2022 will be anything but a compact device, in fact, we will aim to increase the size even more. But behind this dimensional increase is a new camera system, which can avoid the hassle of a pan smartphone.

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