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One of the more functional presentations on your iPhone is to double down on the emergence of SOS. Presto potrebbe arrivar an interesting strumento in più

Ormai periodically, spontaneous news in merit ad utensils that are reluctant to salvage all the utility of functionality SOS emerges on the iPhone. Also in the scars of the signal or with the battery which is scarce, è possible chiamare and socorsi with tanto position.

The Function SOS Emergence on the iPhone is advanced and introduces the exclusive functionality exclusively (Adobe Stock)

Stand up to how much you love the ultimate, you know iPhone 14 – e poi su Apple Watch – verrà integrate the stratum satellites per le emergenze ed SOS. Lo ha rivelato l’affidabile Mark Gurman di Bloomberg, anche se se parla già da un po ‘. Analyst Ming Chi Kuo said that even with the help of Infatti for iPhone 13, it wasn’t too late.

SOS emerges with satellite, all and sundry

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This will allow you to navigate through the airwaves and find out what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. Also other information on Ultra Dynamics of Accounting (Unsplash)

We have a very special parlando della tecnologia LEO, ossia Low Earth Orbit. When it comes to signals, iPhone will be used in grades to reach the satellite for richer subscribers with functionality. SOS emergenza. This is exactly how much I admired from Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg iPhone 14 (and then with Apple Watch).

Dovrebbero esserci ben due to fun diverse in arrivo. La prima riguarda Emerging messages in the message tramite contatti, which has the potential to increase the number of users inviting testo ai numeri ai numeri e ai servizi di emergenza selezionati. For divider the standard Message app, this content is really interesting bolle e colorazione in grigio.

The second option has the potential to invite more users report on incidents and incidents. For example, if you are in your car, come on or go. You will be able to specify the entire iPhone and iPad trajectory, with the help of foreign information. Chiaramente il tutto arriverà ma the second of the legis and locale. Nonetheless, it is possible to adapt the functionality of the SOS emerging feature.

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