iPhone 14, there is a surprising news that can save users’ lives


The iPhone 14 has finally come true. Yesterday was the presentation of the iPhone, all secrets and doubts dissolved. Among the various facts are some that are crazy and unexpected

A turning point in the smartphone market, long overdue and which has finally arrived. new iPhone 14 I saw the light a few days ago, with Apple’s keynote Which was – predictably – followed by millions of fans around the world And it cannot be otherwise, considering the noise caused by the device.

The new iPhones 14 will, among other things, have a much-appreciated and useful feature (screenshot).

There are some additional features that will soon be added to Apple smartphones. Many of these have already been previewed With some leaks and rumours, Others are absolute innovations. There is one feature in particular that surprises everyone and could (literally) save users’ lives. Here is what it is.

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 14, Crash Detestino and Emergency SOS

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Two new features will allow users to literally save their lives, in some critical situations (screenshots)

Two great news that Apple has announced and which will soon become part of it iPhone 14. con Crash detectionThe new hardware will be able to detect an accident and Automatically call for help. This is a very important addition, especially if the user is unconscious and therefore unable to make a call. To make them work at their best, the iPhone was equipped with a dual-core accelerometer capable of detecting Ball up to 256G. And there are more precise gyroscopes that work in conjunction with barometers, microphones and other equipment to detect the typical sounds of a serious accident. even GPS It helps in this regard, reading sudden changes in speed. Everything is also available Apple Watch.

Then there is Emergency SOS, Apple has announced in a big way that it will work using satellites. So every user can get help in remote areas and not reached by cellular networks. It will fill out a questionnaire to describe the problem, and then show him where to point the device to connect to a satellite. After the connection is established, all information will be sent in real time to the Apple staff centers, enabling the user to seek help.

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