iPhone 14, this simple trick will let you unlock crazy features


Apple has brought a very interesting feature in the new iPhone 14. Here’s how to activate it easily

i i l New iOS 16 update Bring a large dose Customization Among Apple’s smartphones (above all, see the revised lock screen) and “Apple” has satisfied one of the most popular requests among users (battery percentage on iPhones with Face ID, will also reach currently exclusive devices next month ) Personalization that, in the case of newcomers iPhone 14 And the 14 Pro – also on sale in Italy for a few days – has become even more compatible.

iPhone 14 (Screenshot)

Yes, because the latest “by iPhone” models have the advantage of replicating an iconic and distinctive feature MacIn the ideal closing of a circle and the extension of an ecosystem that Apple has been able to elaborate over the years: Ignition sound.

Anyone who owns a computer from the Cupertino company will surely know what we’re talking about and, thanks to a few simple steps, will be able to make the iconic sound their own. iPhone. For everyone else, it’s a good way to start getting “acquainted,” if we may say, with a specialty of the Mac.

But how to activate this function? All you have to do is enter the Settings app and unlock the appropriate switch inserted in the Apple section. accessibility. Yes, because contrary to what one might think, the reproduction of the ignition word is “in style”. Mac It is not in the appropriate category of words, but in a completely separate category.

By activating the function, you will be able to come to it Play a word Both while turning the smartphone on and off. And it’s to make life easier for people with vision problems. This explains why Apple implemented this option within the accessibility section, instead of listening to the iOS system.

How to Enable Sound on Startup and Shutdown on New iPhones 14

iPhone 14 is powering on
iPhone 14 (Screenshot)

To enable a sound during startup and shutdown of the new iPhone, you must first enter the app settings, scroll down and press Accessibility, then scroll down the page and select the “Audiovisual Content” item. On the new page, you need to tap on “Power on and off sound” activates the appropriate switch. Turn the phone off and on again to implement the changes.

As stated in the beginning, this method is currently exclusive for beginners iPhone 14 e 14 ProNot linking exclusively to the new iOS 16 update released on last generation models.

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