iPhone 15 brings crazy news, camera module looks incredible



new idea Apple’s next iPhone will be released, which Based on this Rumors seem to suggest that it might have a never-before-seen camera. pALet’s come back Something completely different from what we know, perhaps even capable of surprising us. What?

iPhone 15 comes with crazy news, the camera module looks amazing
iPhone 15 Ultra will be an excellent mobile phone – Computermagazine.it

The next iPhones will surprise us: they will have a super built-in camera

We’ve loved the new iPhone line like crazy, but something tells us Apple wants to make it even better in 2023. Nikkei Asia, in this regard, describes the photographic technologies that will be introduced in the future. They are said to be able to double the saturation level of the signal for each pixel.

like it doing will allow new models to benefit from a High dynamic range Compared to today’s modules, photos have shadows and highlights, ensuring less overexposed or underexposed photos. In other words, what they thought of doing was amazing.

The sensors, as if this were not enough, will use a completely different architecture, where I Photodiodes e Transistor They are placed in different layers, so that each layer can accommodate a high number of photodiodes. They will certainly reach the full line-up of new iPhones, while the Pro models are likely to receive the best updates.

Goodbye to the old power supply, now there will be only USB Type-C

iPhone 15 comes with crazy news, the camera module looks amazing
Apple has plans in store for some time now – Computermagazine.it

However, the flagship models will have periscope lenses first, followed by the new ported generation USB Type-C. The new ones, however, should also implement the Dynamic Island introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the promotional display and the always-on function will be present on the two more expensive iPhones. In short they have organized themselves, and we shall soon see something better.

We are done reporting Report Made by Nikkei Asia, which basically repeats what we’ve said so far: “The new Sony sensor nearly doubles the level of signal saturation in each pixel compared to conventional sensors. It can capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure at certain settings, allowing a smartphone camera to clearly capture a person’s face even when the subject is backlit.”.

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