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Ormai nel 2015, a group of users possessing iPhone 4S with a class action against Apple. They arrived and were waiting

The segment of the operative system ad iOS 9gli iPhone 4S There is a subtle gravity rally. This is the motivation that even a group of participants in New York and New Jersey, since December 2015, has taken a class action against Apple. Specifically, the account was revolved around the fact that the OEM of Cupertino publishes the update as utility for the best general reputation of dispositive.

ios iphone 4s 20220506 cellulari.it
The iPhone 4S has just been downgraded to the advanced version of iOS 9. Ora Apple will continue to support the content (Adobe Stock).

Dopo anni di indagini e analisi approfondite, alla fine è arrivata la conclusione. As far as stabilization is concerned, Apple will continue to increase the number of users in the classroom. Si tratta di 15 dollars ciascuno di rimborso, con un fondo totale stanziato par a 20 million di dollari.

iPhone 4S, come up with 15 dollars worth of risercimento

ios iphone 4s 20220506 cellulari.it
If dealing with 15 dollars, how to decide the sequel to the action of the class avvita in December 2015 (Adobe Stock)

Well done, the vice è arrivata ad a finale. Apple In addition to the cost-effective and proprietary utilities that, in 2015, there is now a class of action per via their registration registry su iPhone 4S a seguito dell’aggiornamento ad iOS 9. Stand still, as soon as possible, a person with a colpita can get up to 15 dollars worth of compensation. For potter rice to be consumed, it is necessary to invite a notification that specifically degrades the performance of the presentation to improve the operation of the operating system.

Apple is impeccable create a web site vero e proprio, tramil e quale e clienti potranno inoltrare la propria request. Find out the names of proprietary data, personal contact and the serial number of questions in question. There is no need to worry about this process.

At the moment of launch, iOS 9 offers an important milestone of prestige Your iPhone is on your iPad. Alternatively the functional aggregation as well as the sugary productions of Siri and the Split View. Not only is there a downside to a downgrade of general representations, but there aren’t many Apple apps like this.


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