iPhone: A very important function will disappear, we may never see it again



Apple has now decided. With the next model, the cheaper iPhone will lose a historic feature so beloved by users

l’Current iPhone SE 2022 It is the only Apple smartphone so far to be equipped with a fingerprint reader (Touch ID“iPhone by” is a historical function present since the 2013 iPhone 5S but has recently been replaced by Face ID, an authentication method through three-dimensional facial recognition.

iPhone (AdobeStock)

right Touch ID This was very useful during pandemic emergencies, due to the difficulty of Face ID to effectively recognize users’ faces while wearing masks. Perhaps for this reason as well (but and above all for purely economic reasons and price controls), Apple has decided to “dust off” its old and reliable fingerprint reader with the latest one. iPhone SE 2022 Presented last March, however, sacrifices such an important aspect as design.

According to the latest rumors published on the net by reliable sources, the situation is about to change, however. The next iPhone SE, probably already expected in 2023 or perhaps 2024, will radically change its aesthetic appearance and pay for it. Touch ID.

Apple really has no doubt, and for how iPhone 8 (which was the inspiration behind the current iPhone SE 2022 and predecessor iPhone SE 2020) and earlieriPhone 5s (whose design inspired the first and successful iPhone SE), there will be another Apple smartphone from the past that will forcefully come to life. Or rather, for a new life, thanks to more updated components, such as the processor and some of the components associated with it (graphics card, wireless and cellular connection):iPhone XR.

According to the leakster, actually the latter iPhone SE It will borrow its aesthetic aspectiPhone XR. This will mean only one thing: goodbye to Touch ID, which is now located in the anachronistic central button, in favor of the more modern Face ID.

iPhone SE 4: Goodbye to Touch ID (finally)

After removing Touch ID, Apple may be considering a full-screen iPhone in the future (AdobeStock)

Although this is still a rumour, it is not the first time that the net has been discussed in terms of a significant generational leap.cheap iphone. A leap is evident by a design that is no longer in step with the times, and it could stifle sales of a line that instead has a strategic importance for Apple, forming a gateway for those who want to move to iOS or, more simply, for them. Allow owners of older iPhones to further update their model and upgrade to the latest device.

This choice will certainly lead to a significant increase in sales of the next iPhone SE, but with a historical “aftertaste” that should not be underestimated: the end of its era. Touch ID. That dear and old fingerprint reader is ready to say goodbye “by iPhone”.


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