iPhone, everything is as good as new with this trick: do it now



Is your iPhone a few years old now and starting to show the first signs of slowing down in terms of performance? A trick as simple as it is effective that will make it practically as good as new: Here’s what you need to do

now all SmartphoneEspecially the top of the range, the beginning lose power After a few years. The “average life” of a device is said to be 2-3 years. Max 4 if you keep it carefully. But it’s clear that – especially for the most focused on performance – a new buying call comes after a while.

Turn off iPhone 20221023 mobiles.it
There is a quick and effective method that will lead to immediate performance improvements for your iPhone (Unsplash).

It is for and above all iPhone, slows down older devices with various operating system updates. Because more advanced features that push more internal components. If you notice a drastic decrease in performance, There is a strategy Which will make your iPhone practically like new.

iPhone, try this trick to improve device performance

Turn off iPhone 20221023 mobiles.it
Try turning the phone off and on again, you will notice a quick improvement (Unsplash).

It’s as simple as it is effective which will get you back iPhone is practically like new. Especially useful for those who are starting to notice excessive slowness. Up to the point of not being able to open your favorite app or send a message. Have you ever thought that a quick regular reboot of your phone can bring big benefits?

Turn iPhone off and on, You free up memory and free the temporary cache. By doing this, all processes that are – possibly – stuck in the background will be deleted consumes the latter CPU and battery cycles Without you even knowing it, it leads to a huge slowdown in performance. And in the long run, even problems for the device itself.

It costs nothing to try. Hold at the same time Power key and Volume Up key For a second or two. The cursor will appear to slide to the right to proceed with the shutdown. Once it’s done, press the same key and the iPhone will restart, working better. You can also go alternatively Settings, General and then Close. Few people know that such a simple practice can be important for your phone.


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