iPhone: It costs more than 5000 euros to install this app Check if you have too



There is an iPhone, if a certain application is installed on it, it is worth 5,000 euros. It’s an incredible price, and so is the reason it’s worth it.

Take a look at your phone, because you might have it too

Apple (Adobe stock)
Apple (Adobe stock)

A few weeks ago now, apple has introduced its new top of the range line. The iPhone 14 They are already in the market and generating sparks with record numbers. Although prices are constantly rising, due to increasingly advanced technical features and designs that require significant economic effort.

But it’s not Maximum cost For what concerns the iPhone. In fact, there are some unique and limited editions that cost a lot more. These are good items for collectors, but they should not be missed. Then there’s another discourse, quite “new” and one that will certainly get people talking: if you have an app installed on your phone, it might be legit. Up to 5000 euros.

5000 euros for an iPhone? Yes, if you have installed this app

Have you ever thought you could sell yours? The iPhone is a 5000 euro? It’s not imaginary! In recent times, some rather curious announcements have been doing the rounds of the web. Apple smartphones are rumored to reach crazy figures and even more than the original price of the phone. The reason is the presence of an already installed application correctly. The latter was recently Removed from App Store, making the phone inaccessible to those who didn’t already have it.

iPhone 14 20221104 cellulari.it
Here are some prices (screenshot).

We are specifically talking about Metatrader, both 4 and 5. It is not clear at this point why the service has been removed from the official OEM store in Cupertino. no apple no Metaquotes They’re still talking about it, but it’s clear that it’s a low blow for traders. Some think it’s because sanctions against Russia, Where the company is based in the country guilty of the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine.

M4T and M5T are still available Android, when the iPhone is looking for the last “surviving” iPhone. In fact, services will continue to be available if already installed. The initial price, as already mentioned, is 5000 euros. You can check out the screen above, where MetaTrader has real smartphone ads selling like hot cakes. Check your phone to see if the software is installed You can make a fortune.


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