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Slow internet browsing with iPhone? Here’s how to fix it in just a few steps

Sometimes it may cause some complaints Web browsing problems with’iPhone. Let’s think, for example, about pages that load very slowly or have a certain “difficulty” in moving around screens, despite a perfect Internet connection. Could this be the first sign of a decrease in the performance of the “iPhone”? We tell you right away that this is not the case.

Clearing iPhone cache
iPhone Clearing Cache (AdobeStock)

Especially if used iPhone For some time now, the smartphone has been recommended as a simple step to clean up the useless data that characterizes – in some cases even in a rather annoying way – the Internet browsing experience. Which is one of the major operations we perform daily through our mobile phones.

We are not referring to data recovery, however Clear cache: An operation perhaps little known by the average user but which is actually of decisive importance. This is because, in general, our smartphone locally downloads some information such as photos, banners and data while browsing the web. These data are then stored in a portion of the device’s storage space (and here we are talking about cache) to retrieve them in the future when the user returns to that particular site, thus speeding up uploads and the browsing experience in general. .

The problem, however, is that this data accumulates over time, and it can cause some problems, such as slow loading of Internet pages. For such reasons, it is advised Clear cache Once a month. It’s not hard to do and the only downside is disconnecting from the sites you’re connected to. We’ll see how to do both in Safari and Google Chrome, the two most used browsers on the iPhone.

How to clear cache on iPhone: Safari and Google Chrome

Clearing iPhone cache
Google Chrome (AdobeStock)

to clear its cache Safari Just open the Settings app on the iPhone, click Safari, and click “Website Data” in the Advanced section. As a last step, select “Clear history and website data”, press “Remove now” button to confirm everything.

If, on the other hand, you use Google sequence, follow these steps. Now open the Chrome app on the iPhone, select the three dots at the bottom right and select the “Settings” item. On the next screen, click Privacy and then click “Clear Browsing Data”, making sure you check “Cookies, site data” and “Cached images and files”. At this point, select the time interval and press “Clear Browsing Data” to confirm.


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