iPhone: The secret setting to change your device’s menu that few people know about



If you own an iPhone, you better know this cool secret setting that lets you change your device’s menu Here’s what you need to do

2022 is coming to an end in the best possible way apple. It was officially presented a few weeks ago iPhone 14, with a line-up of 4 models to suit every type of pocket and need. The innovations introduced by the Cupertino OEM are different and, according to the information that has emerged so far, they have undoubtedly won the hearts of consumers.

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From the iPhone, you can take advantage of a convenient hidden function to fully customize the iPhone (Adobe Stock).

It is worth mentioning Dynamic Island, currently only available in two Pro models and which replaced the annoying notch. But with various changes iOS 16, the updated operating system that – among other things – introduced full customization of the lock screen. Then there is something Only apparently hidden featuresAccessible through a menu following these steps

iPhone, here’s how to instantly change your device’s menu

iphone 20221201 cellulari.it
Here’s what you need to know about Control Center and customization possibilities (Unsplash).

Surely its owners iPhone They know what they are talking about. so called “screen” It’s a menu that opens by swiping from top to bottom, pointing your finger at the top right of the screen It reveals what is real control center iPhone, with buttons to activate airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, screen rotation lock, full-immersion mode. But brightness and volume management, flashlight, calculator, camera and more.

In fact, you can’t just activate the settings and tools you find in your iPhone by default. In fact, there is a trick that will allow you to completely customize the Control Center, making it more Suitable for your usage needs. You just go inside settings and select Control Center.

Here it will pop up a list with all possible buttons that you can easily add or remove. Including Shazam, Guided Access, Apple TV Remote, Home, Text Size, Magnifier, Voice Memo, Dark Mode, Notes, Screen Recording, Code Scan, Alarm Clock, Hearing and Wallet. To add a specific button, you need to press it On the green icon + with . On the other hand, if you want to move something, you have to tap red symbol with -.


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