iPhone: There’s a trick to spying on people around you, you just need a few clicks



Nothing illegal, but a simple trick that allows you to spy on people around you. You just need to equip yourself with an iPhone and follow some convenient steps to implement everything

the spy It’s never pretty, but in some cases it becomes necessary. For example, think of parents who are worried about some of their child’s behavior and want to go deeper. Every now and then, your best bet might be to take a closer look at what’s going on. Not taking precautions Violation of privacy of another person.

Listening on the phone (Photo Canva)
Listening on the phone (Photo Canva)

In this sense there are some methods that are quite easy to implement and just as effective. One of them needs help iPhone and a couple AirPods. By taking a few quick steps, you’ll be able to hear conversations taking place in other rooms.

Here’s how to listen to other conversations with iPhone and AirPods

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You need a pair of AirPods (Adobe Stock) to complete the plan

This is a technique unknown to most, but it has been in practice for several years. The method is actually based on a function present iPhone Starting already iOS 12. Only need a couple AirPods, is essential to ensure that everything goes well. After connecting the earphones to your iPhone, you need to activate Hearing function. In this way, you can turn yourself into a real spy.

No external apps or insecure solutions will be needed, as everything happens directly Operating system benefits The same actually has a setting designed for hearing-impaired users, but it may work for those who need it. But let’s go into detail: what needs to be done?

Open first settings, go to Control Center and then Customize Controls. You will find additional check item, open it and click + and then hearing. At this point, everything will be present in the swipe-to-open control tab. Press the ear symbol icon after connecting AirPods. then, Put down your phone Go into whose room you want to spy and leave with earphones in your ears. Thus the iPhone It will transmit audio in real time From that place the phone is kept. Nothing easy!


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