iPhone, watch out for it: it’s a mistake everyone makes There is a solution



If you own an iPhone, you probably make a mistake every day without even knowing it. Here’s what to do and possible solutions to any problems

For several weeks, the iPhone 14 has become a reality. Its new line-up apple Again can boast four models, though Model Max The standard version replaced the ill-fated Mini. The innovations introduced by the Cupertino OEM are many, some more useful and interesting than others

iPhone siri 20221023 cellulari.it
From the iPhone, you only need to speak to Siri to execute a command. without necessarily waiting for the animation to finish (unsplash)

Therefore, the range of tools available to users every day has expanded. You just need to know how to use everything well, So that nothing important is missed. Know that there is one thing that virtually everyone does, but it’s a mistake. Here’s what you should do instead.

iPhone, you’ve probably made this mistake with Siri, too

iPhone siri 20221023 cellulari.it
There’s a certain action that virtually everyone does with their iPhone every day but it’s a big mistake (unsplash).

More and more users are using it every day Siri. The handy voice assistant was made available to iPhone owners a few years ago. And it is constantly updated apple The aim is to make the whole service more efficient and to be able to answer any queries. Considering all the features that Siri can fulfill, it’s not unimaginable to run it In all kinds of mistakes.

There is one in particular That’s practically anyone’s commit without knowing it. Nothing too serious, mind you. But an additional action that isn’t necessary and that in no way compromises normal use of the Cupertino OEM’s voice assistant. When you also want to ask Siri a question, Wait before the animation ends?

This is a useless one waste of time, A verb that has been handed down over time but that doesn’t really carry any meaning. In fact, it is enough to keep Press the side button To call the voice assistant immediately, and you can start talking as soon as you hear the beep. If, on the other hand, you decide to enable everything by command “cow is fattened”, You can safely continue talking without interruption, as if you were having a conversation with a real person. In this case “Hey Siri, can you tell me what the weather will be like today?


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