iPhone: With this trick, your photos will be great


If you want to improve your photos with iPhone and take them to an amazing level, we recommend you to follow this simple trick that very few people know and it is very effective.

Just a few days ago, apple Officially introduced the new top of the range: iPhone 14. A series of smartphones that already promises to be revolutionary, thanks to the definitive abandonment of the notch, especially with the Pro models. But the news of the Cupertino parts did not end there, as it finally became available Update to iOS 16.

iPhone Photos (Adobe Stock)

The new operating system focuses on the lock screen, can be customized between three-dimensional backgrounds, font and change colors, widgets and more. Not to mention the additions that will be assembled next week. In this mess of tools, there are some that are rarely talked about Which can prove very useful.

One of the most effective and unknown techniques iPhone especially anxiety screenshot. Well-known content creator Ramal Media has thought about it through his TikTok account, the video has apparently already gone viral and is making its way on the web. Thanks to this convenient solution, you can add Perfect circle and very straight arrow within the created screen. A handy novelty especially for those who usually send screenshots with different scribbles, to show something to friends or relatives.

Tricks to improve shots with your iPhone

@ramalmedia 📱 Make your iPhone screenshot scribbles prettier with this simple trick! 💡 #fyp #Technology #Apple #iPhone #ios #ios16 #ioslifehack ♬ Spongebob – Instrumental – Common Cent

To be able to use it immediately, as you can see from the video, just draw a circle and wait a second Tap the screen with your finger. At this point, the iPhone software will recognize the drawn image and perfect it in the best possible way. Same goes for arrows, just create one and hold to see the “magic”.

As Ramal Media himself points out later in the video, this simple trick actually works Also with other forms. Like rectangle, square and triangle. The steps to create are always the same. Start with scribbles drawn with your finger, and then in a few moments iOS will take care of completing the conversion. It is not clear whether this innovation was already available with iOS 15 or was secretly integrated in iOS 16, but what is certain is that practically no one knows about it.

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