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With the Dynamic Island function introduced in the new iPhone 14 Pro, Apple quickly moves towards the resolution of one of its biggest limitations, namely background activity management. Let’s find out why, apart from the high-impact visual aspect, there is much more “under the hood”.

New dynamic island function Apple 11 September 2022
Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature launched on iPhone 14 Pro brings new developments to task management in the background

Many felt that the main feature of the new function Dynamic Island del’iPhone 14 Proserving apple Just a few days ago, it was mainly concerned Graphics. On the other hand, Apple has accustomed the whole world to real “special effects” with great effect natural Ed emotionalRegarding the interface solution.

But behind an elegant and amazing set of graphic and visual effects there is much more: because in addition to updating the new function Graphics Apple phone and system reviews NoticeAlso allows a new and much more efficient Manage background tasks.

Always considered the “Achilles heel” of Apple phones, the management of secondary functions is now implemented through it WidgetkitThe same framework that handles dynamic widgets falls within its subsetActivity Kit.

Key features of the new Dynamic Island function

Dynamic Island Apple 11 Settembre 2022
Dynamic Island could mark the start of a new era dedicated to multitasking on Apple’s iPhones –

What appears to be clear is Apple’s first, significant step toward a managerial reversal that “behind the scenes”, which creates Multi-operation More application is a new resource, powerful, reliable and easy to manage.

For example, thanks to Dynamic Island we will be able to maintain an activity like uploading hundreds and hundreds of files through an active FTP client and at the same time observableupper area iPhone, continue with activities like writing and sending an email, browsing the internet or using other apps with complete calmness and fluency.

and for Check the operation status In the background, it will suffice Press and hold the status bar Get all the necessary management information without ever leaving the screen where you are working with other activities. And this is just the beginning of what promises to be a The new era of multitasking For Apple phones.

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