It was a defunct Plants vs. Zombies game


Its voting rights Plants vs Zombies was one of the most ambitious electric bananaBecause there were great games released for platforms like it iOS, Android and up to 3ds Even in the beginning 2016 A large-scale project was being developed, which would slightly change the conventional gameplay to be more than a conventional shooter.

It is called Project Hot TubA reference to the movie Hot tub time machine. It is going to be an action-adventure title with genre progression unpublishedits battle Batman: Arkham KnightBut with a touch Ratchet and clank. It features a pair of teenage brothers traveling back in time through an experiment corrupted by zombies, teaming up with familiar plants from the series to battle zombie enemies across multiple historical eras.

The project represents a giant leap for the franchise that was previously limited to tower defense and third-person shooters. Undoubtedly, fans of the story will appreciate that it has reached the platform. After all, things did not go well with the cancellation of the game.

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Project Hot Tub Eventually the release was planned 2017. His ideas, development and progress were solid. He had no major budget issues, missed deadlines, scope issues, or other obvious roadblocks to suggest he was in trouble. It is understood that this was discontinued in order to increase more resources in the project star wars of internalwhich was eventually cancelled.

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