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Although the fourth season is still some time away the boys Reached by us, it was learned today that the Amazon production will feature a new actor. On this occasion, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known for playing Negan The Walking Deadwill join its cast the boys.

According to Deadline, Morgan will take on a recurring role in the fourth season the boys. Unfortunately, there is no more information about it at the moment, and It is not known which character this actor will play. This news shouldn’t be news, as series creator Eric Kripke noted that he’s already been in talks with the actor for months to integrate him into the production.

with this, Production of its fourth season the boys It’s already running, so we’re sure to see more leaks and details about the return of this beloved Amazon series in the coming months. Additionally, this will be the second time Morgan and Kripke have worked together, as they both collaborated on Supernatural at the time.

On a related note, Homelander arrives GTA Five. Likewise, the first details of the spin-off The boys.


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