John Wick 4 director talks about the possibility of taking the story to space



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We were given the first picture a couple of weeks ago and Teaser of John Wick 4Which is assumed to be the specific adventure of the character played by Popular Keanu Reeves. This one has done practically everything, since it’s a killer, and now the only question remains for fans, is it likely to make it to space?

Recently, the group joke book Meet the director Chad Stahelsky, and that’s where they asked him questions they had already formulated. Surprisingly, the creative didn’t rule out the possibility that this was going to happen at some point. And since the franchise is so over the top, don’t be surprised to see the character travel to space at this point.

Here is his statement:

There is a distinct possibility that it could. I don’t know if he will drive the ship, but can the character go? Maybe as a fan, I think the world of John Wick is fun and interesting. But the sky is the limit. We don’t come from an existing IP, so I don’t have to follow the Batman plot. I can do anything.

If only the producers, including me in the studio, somehow got smarter really quickly and we could get smarter about how we were going to play it. Yes, anything can happen. If Fast & Furious can do it, I’m sure we can. It might take a little longer, but let’s stay grounded for now and try to keep up the good work here.


Remember that John Wick 4 Next Debut May 24, 2023.

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