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K-Tek "Mighty Boom" –  Lightweight Graphite Poles Introduced

The renowned Californian manufacturer of pro audio equipment, K-Tek, has introduced a range of new high-end, lightweight graphite poles and matching accessories — the K-Tek “Mighty Boom” Poles. Let’s have a closer look.

At first glance, Boom Poles might not be on top of the list when you think about exciting filmmaking equipment. However, booms are so ubiquitous that there is rarely a shoot without one. In order to capture the best audio, recordists use poles to place a microphone as close to the subject as possible. As with every piece of equipment, there are offerings that “get the job done” and others that make a sound person’s life easier. K-Tek’s Mighty Boom Poles are definitely of the latter category,

Funny K-Tek Mighty Boom Introduction Video

The design

There are 10 different models of the Mighty Boom, but before we go into the differences, let’s look at what they have in common.

Mighty Booms have a removable head that allows for versatile cabling. They all have 6 sections to give the operator maximum portability, while providing as much reach as possible. The sections can be loosened or tightened using burnished divots that are designed for firm grip. To lock/unlock a section, only a quarter-turn of the divot is needed. That makes changing the length of the pole quick and easy.

K-Tek “Mighty Boom” Poles – different versions

K-Tek Mighty Boom with internal coiled cable.
K-Tek Mighty Boom with built-in coiled cable. Image Credit: K-Tek

The K-Tek Mighty Boom is available in two versions — uncabled and with a built-in coiled cable to connect the microphone sitting at the end – designated with the “CCR” suffix.

ModelLength (collapsed)Length (max)
KP6/KP6CCR21″ (53.3 cm)6′ (1.83 m)
KP9/KP9CCR28″ ( 71.2 cm)9′ ( 2.75 m)
KP12/KP12CCR37″ ( 94 cm)12′ ( 3.66m)
KP16/KP16CCR44″ ( 111.8 cm)16′ ( 4.88 m)
KP20/KP20CCR54″ ( 137.2 cm)20′ ( 6.1 m)
Both versions are available in a range of different lengths.


K-Tek also offers a range of accessories — for example a kit and cables to upgrade a standard Mighty Boom with an internal coiled cable, or an adapter to mount a wireless audio transmitter directly to the end of the boom pole.

Mighty Boom Adapter for Transmitter. Image Credit: K-Tek
Mighty Boom Adapter for Transmitter. Image Credit: K-Tek

I have never used a K-Tek pole myself, but I have seen them being used and I have talked with audio-people who swear by them. They are well-designed and thoroughly thought-through pieces of kit that will serve their users for many years. By the way, K-Tek also offers entry-level audio equipment for those of you who won’t need high-end gear, at the moment.

Link: K-Tek

Any boom owners in the community? Please share your thoughts about booms in general, and the Mighty Boom in particular, in the comments down below.


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