Kagan: AT&T has the fastest 5G network, says Ookla



You may be wondering with all the talk about 5G, which wireless network is the fastest between AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. Well, mobile Internet speed testing firm Ookla Speedtest, once again gave the top honor to AT&T for 4Q of 2020. This win is 8 quarters in a row or two straight years.

Ookla tests show AT&T Mobility has the fastest 5G speed score. Next was T-Mobile, followed by Sprint and coming in last, Verizon Wireless, which continues to be surprising.

Verizon Wireless does show fast speeds, but in a very limited number of locations.

Over time, as we move further into the 5G tunnel, speeds will more than likely all level out.

Ookla Speedtest compared AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint

This test, like all tests are a snapshot in time. A way to take the temperature and see which network is leading and which others need to catch up.

That being said, you would imagine the horserace would all be head-to-head, neck-to-neck. However, that’s not what is happening.

Measuring all four carriers on an equal basis, AT&T has led the way for 8 quarters in a row and that does not show any signs of changing at least as far as we can see.

5G wireless is coming on strong

All four wireless carriers should be applauded for rushing to bring 5G to their customer base. However, each is taking a different path to this end goal.

Going forward, we will need a 5G connection for increased speed and low latency. That means a faster connection with no lag-time.

That will not only make the traditional wireless experience better and faster, but will also make telehealth, telemedicine, automated driving, self-driving cars, and assorted other new uses possible.

Today, 5G gives the user faster speeds and no delay when they are in an area where they get that kind of connection. Tomorrow, it will change our world.

Today, this kind of speed and immediacy is important to some, but as every quarter pass, more users will need this kind connection.

What about Dish Network in wireless?

As the industry continues to move forward, all networks will get faster speeds.

Even Dish Network, which was supposed to replace Sprint as the fourth largest wireless network is working behind the scenes to build their own 5G network. We’ll have to see where that goes over time.

The wireless world has always been a moving target. It’s one of the most interesting industries and one of the most important. Especially since it impacts other companies in other industries as well as its own.

So, buckle your seat belts as 5G gets faster and stronger and more immediate with every passing quarter.

And congratulations to AT&T Mobility for once again leading the wireless pack in the 5G race which all carriers are running.


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