Kanye West has posted a new video on Nintendo



The American rapper Kanye West is very cool. Rapper controversial because of politically inconsistent positions. Competitiveness of Altrettanto chiacchieratissima Kim Kardashan. Eviluppatore di videogiochi. Per Nitendo.

Follow the surreal story è stato, on Twitter Zachary Ryan, At the moment, the producer of Twitch says that he has no choice but to take this position IGN. A story that the journalist divides into various messaging conclusions and that is what happened via the most secure.

Kanye West has posted a new video on Nintendo
Kanye West has a new video on Nintendo (photo: Youtube)

Ma a quanto pare è tutto vero. Quindi, one of the stories about Kanye West saltò fuori a un E3 chiedendo di parlare con Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo to offer a game.

Kanye West, professionally developer Nintendo

The story of Zachary è like and scratch with which ritual only so many barzellette hanno. The producer of Twitch recounted the essays he made 2016 to make an interview with Miyamoto. An interviewer like Tante. When it came to a certain point, when it all came to a standstill and the journalist was constantly rehearsing, the artist’s name. Al that sounds like Ryan, Miyamoto è salt on his stomach “Kanye!” And he agreed that his tradesman would agree to trade in English for the journalist.

Kanye West has posted a new video on Nintendo
Kanye West has a new video on Nintendo (photo: Youtube)

Durante l ‘E3 del 2015West was present, then invite and then present, allo stand Nintendo chipendo di parlare con Miyamoto e solo con lui: aveva un gioco from Nintendo. Nel gioco that the rapper was the most famous after Nintendo’s protagonist era Donda, The mother of the rapper has died. The West is not the only one that has failed perdita improvvisa della madre lo abbia segnato nel profondo e ha senso che il rapper volesse omaggiarla in qualche modo.

La reazione Does Miyamoto have to keep up with this surreal? Ryan Sotolinea like the pattern on Nintendo fossa ancora sorpreso On our ricevuto a visit to the person from Kanye West and that rapper gli avesse voluto show a prototype of a gioco. Surprised at the point, the term of the recount, Miyamoto has not always been with us. doppio pollice in su e un “Wow” in English. A gioco effetivamente a un certo punto fu annunciato: Only One. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


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