Keanu Reeves talks about whether he wants to play Batman


The film will release soon DC League of Super-PetsA film that brings together such iconic superhero mascots of the brand and it has already been confirmed that Keanu Reeves will lend his voice batman. However, many are wondering if one day he will play the role in a live action version and luckily he has already answered that question.

Recently in an interview known as medium Dr extra, Reeves Mentioned that batman She is one of his favorite characters, so it was an honor for the actor to lend his voice to her in a film. Also, he was asked if he would like to participate in a live-action movie and mentioned that it has always been his dream to bring Gotham City’s superheroes to life.

Here is their statement:

I love Batman as a character. I love him in the comics, in the movies, so to have the opportunity to express him, to play Batman, was amazing.

This is his comment about the live action version:

It was a dream, but Robert Pattinson has Batman right now and he’s doing amazing.

Probably later. Maybe when they need an older Batman.


Note that during this Dr Cinemacon of 2022 Sequel confirmed batman, reuniting the cast of the film that was released earlier in the year. For his part, the director will continue to be Matt Reeves, who will certainly be able to give a source the jokerA character we meet in the last scene of the film.

Through: NME


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