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Kessler has just released the new Kessler Kwik Release Receiver V2, which is an evolutionary upgrade of the original Kwik Release Adapter. They also announced a nice discount for Black Friday: Buy one, get one half off!

Sometimes it’ s the little things that matter most. If your shooting workflow uses many different camera support systems such as tripods, gimbals or sliders and you constantly switch your camera from one to another, you need something like the new Kessler Kwik Release Adapter V2.

Kessler Kwik Release Receiver V2

This new quick Kwik Release Receiver V2 works just like the previous model in that it attaches to your existing equipment and accepts standard Arca-Swiss plates. Just mount the camera on it, tighten the lever and off you go. No screws, no slipping, easy balancing. Neat!

old Kwik (left) vs. Kwik V2 (right). Image credit: Kessler

The main difference between V1 and V2 is the pattern of the mounting holes. The new Kwik V2 sports a 1″ spaced hole pattern which makes it much more universal. Also, there are four additional 1/4-20″ mounting holes instead of the legacy 8-32 holes found on the V1 version. The new Kwik Release Receiver V2 is designed specifically to work as an easy quick release system for Inovativ carts.

Kwik V1 vs. Kwik V2
Kwik V1 mounting hole layout (left) vs. Kwik V2 (right). Image credit: Kessler

Furthermore, Kessler was able to reduce the weight of the unit (now only 8oz / 227g) and they also improved ergonomics. The clamping mechanism is able to tightly hold up to 50 lbs / 22,7 kg). Along with the Kwik Release Receiver V2, you’ll get the following in the box:

  • (2) 8/32″x 1/2 Socket Head Countersuck Screw
  • (1) 3/8-16×1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (2) 1/4-20×1/4 Flat Head Countersunk Screw
  • (2) 1/4-20×1/4″ Button Head Screw
  • (2) 1/4″ Flat Washer
  • (1) 5/16″ Hex Key
  • (1) 9/64″ Hex Key
  • (1) 5/32″ Hex Key

The unit is 4″ x 3.25″ x .875″ (10,16cm x 8,25 cm x 2,22cm) in size.

Pricing and Availability

The Kessler Kwik Realease Receiver V2 is available now and if you hurry up, you can get a nice deal for Black Friday: Buy one Kwik V2 and get a second one for $70 less. This only works once, so while you obviously can grab three or more but you’ll get the $70 dicount only once. Click here to hop over to their site.

kwik Release Receiver V2
Kessler Kwik Release Receiver V2

Do you use any kind of quick release system in your workflow?What do you think about this Kwik Release Receiver V2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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