Kipon Announces AP 1,780 40mm F0.85 Ibelux Lens for Six APS-C Mirrorless Mounts



Optics manufacturer Kipon There is Announcement Its 40mm F0.85 Ultrafast Prime is an updated version of the Ibelux 40mm F0.85 Mark III.

This third-generation lens improves with an updated optical construction over its predecessor, consisting of ten components in eight groups. Compared to the Ibelux 40mm F0.85 Mark II, KIPON states that the Mark III version has a ‘completely new coating inside and out’ to reduce flames and ghosts and fix ‘irregular light reflection / diffusion problems’ that lead to purple fringes. .

Available with mounts for Canon EOSR, Fujifilm X, Leica L, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon Z and Sony E-Mount APS-C camera systems, the lens has a 10-blade aperture diaphragm with minimal focusing distance. 75cm (29.5 “), using a 67mm front filter thread and has an aperture range of F22 to F0.85. Manual focus is driven by a Swiss-German mechanism and the focus ring offers 270º rotation.

Kipon Ibelux 40mm F0.85 Mark III Made with an aluminum outer barrel with a brass core and stainless steel mount. It is 74mm (2.9 “) in diameter, 128mm (5”) long and weighs 1,150g (2.5lbs).

MTF chart, provided by Kippon.

Lens Available for purchase কি 1,780 through Kipon’s online shop. If you have an original or Mark II Ibelux 40mm F0.85 lens, you can trade this third generation lens for $ 500 and $ 800, respectively, when you purchase it through Kipon’s official online shop.


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