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Created by the charismatic and gentle series Nintendo Partying in his memory 30th anniversary, which is being aired along with a grand music concert held recently in Japan streaming Around the planet, nostalgia appeals at all times.

The charming pink character has become an icon in the proprietary license portfolio Big nSo it’s worth traveling back in time to remember some of its curiosities that no fan can ignore.

Name Change: In its origin, the hero of this story was baptized “Rotten Twinkle”But eventually the same lawyer as we know today is accepted in honor John KirbyWhoever wins a court case, argues that Donkey Kong It did not violate King Kong’s rights.

Debut N Game Boy: The first adventure of this creature began in 1992 with the game Kirby’s Dreamland, Nintendo’s first portable console. While in Japan Kirby’s appearance was always pink, in the American market he appeared on the cover in a white color. significantly Shigeru Miyamoto I had it yellow.

Evolution in qualities: In the first adventure game boy, Kirby could absorb enemies to shoot them but was unable to draw their powers; A situation that would change a year later with the debut of Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

Various advertising campaigns: Kirby is a character that inspires, though tenderness In Japan, North American executives decided that marketing efforts should focus on projecting a stereotype. bored.

Banned comic Obsolete newspaper as usual Nintendo Power, brought out a short run of comics based on their franchise. A German publisher published a comic about a detective Kirbywho was in charge of solving murders and smoked cigarettes in his office.

TV Controversy: Despite Nintendo’s warnings to avoid violence, this did not prevent the series from being released on the small screen, dubbed Kirby: Right back at ya!Which was censored in America, because Kirby made alcoholic drinks and even fired an Uzi pistol.

Cameo and Zelda: Anti Kirby It appears The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Desire to eat LinkBut was shot in the attempt. In the Japanese region, the word “anti” was dropped and the villain was simply called Kirby.

Console records: its license Kirby From can boast of being present on almost all platforms of its production house NES up to Nintendo SwitchAbsent appointment only with bankruptcy virtual boy.

Multiple cancellations: Regardless of its widespread publication, the much-cited saga has several developments that were discarded Kid Kirby (SNES), The Kirby family (Game Boy Color) y Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble 2 (GameCube) to name a few.

Guinness entry: at the ceremony 20th anniversaryIn 2012, more than 500 devotees gathered there PAX de SeattleWearing a pink shirt and making bubble gum bombs, allows him to get the prize.

Its intellectual property Kirby It has a huge following and has become a classic in the video game industry. It would be interesting to know if it is in addition to the latter Kirby’s Dream BuffetNintendo decided to launch a collection To celebrate his recent birthday, just like he did a decade ago We.


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