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Much has been said about its potential return silent hill In past years. Despite all the rumors, Konami has kept quiet about a new installment in the series. Fortunately, this all changed today, as it was confirmed a few moments ago Next week there will be a special event about this iconic horror series.

Through his official Twitter account, Konami revealed that next Wednesday, October 19, at 2:00 PM (Pacific Time), or 4:00 PM (Mexico City time), will hold a special presentation focusing on the future of the Silent Hill series.

Now, at this point it is unknown if the Japanese company plans to release one of the many rumored projectors, or if we will see a product that has nothing to do with this medium. We just have to wait. But considering that Dr There are no records from a very long time ago Silent Hill: The Short MessageIt seems that all the fans’ dreams can come true within a few days.

remember, The special presentation of Silent Hill will be held on October 19 at 4:00 PM (Mexico City time). On a related note, you can find more details about the series’ new registration here. Likewise, this is new information about the next Silent Hill movie.


Editor’s note:

Although the possibility of seeing a new game is very high, we should not forget that Konami can surprise us and only confirm a new line of skateboards, for example. It’s best to keep expectations realistic, so you can be more excited if the rumors of a new installment turn out to be true.

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