Konami has announced new NFT related projects




Since the beginning of the year, NFT They have become a subject of controversy as their market fluctuates quite severely to the point of not returning the shareholders’ investment. However, there are companies that have not done poorly, incl konamiThose who still will continue to bet on selling and buying Token Not expendable.

On the company’s official website you can find out that they are looking for someone to partner with and expand the business, their plans include working with Web 3.0 projects, Metaverse and even launching a trading platform. NFT. In this they can keep their most favorite IPS for exploitation, since with Castlevania They have sold out all the products.

Here’s what it says on its page:

We are researching and developing to incorporate the latest technology into games and content and plan to launch a service where players can exchange their NFTs in-game through a unique distribution platform using blockchain. To further strengthen our structure and accelerate our business, we are looking for profiles to work together with us to expand the business and evolve towards a new future for digital entertainment.

It is assumed that its construction NFT To be used for your games, you can include eFootballAmong others being active, so is its story Yu-Gi-Oh! I could run with this fortune.

It remains to be seen what else they plan.

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Publisher’s Note: It looks like Konami won’t give up on their plan, and if they’re not wrong, to be honest, it would be weird if they changed their mind. We will see in the future if NFT continues to yield profits.


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