Korea has two favorite franchises like Siphon Filter and Ghost Trick




Today some users may find things ahead of time in the world of video games due to one particular detail and that is the classification of video games by different countries. And now, a new record could indicate that one third Siphon filteras well as Ghost tricks They will come back somehow.

The Korea Game Administration and Classification Committee qualified siphon strainer 3 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Which suggests the title will join its catalog soon playstation plus classic, Either on the PS4 or PS5 console. It’s worth mentioning that the first two games are already on the service, so it would be a logical step to take.


For its part, Entitlement is a game Ghost tricks There were also rates Korea:


Grade code for Ghost tricks is “GC-CC-NP”, which is used for PC versions, while “GC-CC-NV” is used for console versions. However, GG-CC-NP ratings occur separately from GG-CC-NV ratings, even if a game is on multiple platforms. This may suggest some sort of restart Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective It is planned.

For now we have to wait for confirmation.

Through: Gematsu



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