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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Ha announced The next iPhone will be very different from the one we know. The SpecificationsIn fact, they will surprise us. And they won’t be the usual things we’re used to, with little changes in specifications or just a few additional improvements to the same design, more from a hardware perspective: what will change Specifically?

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A new mobile phone is different from the usual: Apple changes its mind

We will see the variation later iPhone And the current ones will be very clear, and we understand from the fact that Apple has confirmed that it will be ready to comply with European regulations regarding future mobile phones. What exactly will change and why will it represent a turning point in the world of technology?

They will integrate a USB-C type connector, thus marking the definitive sunset of the Lightning that has been with us for 10 years. But not only that: Switch to Type-C It will also bring other news, especially regarding data transfer speeds on Pro models. This was confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, who explained to us in detail what will happen.

Pro iPhones are safe, but what about the standard ones?

Kuo talked about the iPhone 15 Pro, with the analyst expecting a USB-Type C port, among other interesting news
iPhone 15 pro will surprise us all – Computermagazine.it

In addition to ensuring that the switch will occur across the lineup, base models will continue to receive the protocol USB 2.0 data transmissionAs a result we are again talking about a maximum speed of 480 Mbps The situation will definitely change in the Pro / Ultra models, given that Kuo predicts that in these variants we will at least switch to the USB 3.2 protocol.

Nothing prevents us from thinking, however, that the company has decided to go all the way up to Thunderbolt 3, although there is currently no confirmation. In both cases we’re talking about 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps respectively, speeds that would put the iPhone on par. Apple’s flagship product. It wouldn’t be surprising if that happened, especially since users want the Pro models to be much more powerful than they are now.

Best features like video recording ProRes For example, they put the latest iPhones in front of the need to be able to rely on fast ports to transfer such demanding data, which does not happen in basic models.

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