Laird Releases Summit Suite to Simplify Connecting Devices – Help Net Security


Laird Connectivity has unveiled a new range of its added value software services, Summit Suite. Summit Suite combines the most important security features and services into one package to minimize risk and minimize threats through the entire product lifecycle.

Summit Suite Laird connectivity allows customers to simplify the process of securing their devices. Customers can choose from Laird Connectivity’s IoT hardware and integrate it with multiple levels of security software and enterprise connectivity, all from a single partner. By selecting from the Summit Suite range, customers can manage every part of the security lifecycle.

“The Summit Suite is built on our expertise in decades of partnerships with medical and industrial device manufacturers,” said Dan Keefert, Senior Product Manager at Laird Connectivity. “The goal of the Summit Suite portfolio is to simplify the process of securing devices and giving our customers the flexibility to choose the appropriate security features for their products and end applications.”

The Summit Suite consists of four main components: Secure Connectivity, FIPS Cryptographic Module, Chain of Trust Device Security, and Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation.

It is based on Summit Suite Secure Connectivity, an enterprise-grade software suite that unlocks the full Wi-Fi potential of selected product families, including Summit 60, 60 Series SOM, Summit SOM 8M Plus, IG60 and nearby additional product lines. Future Laird Connectivity confirms that this product is ahead of the domestic Wi-Fi security enterprise Wi-Fi network industry trends by actively upgrading support to current industry standards WPA2-Enterprise and next generation WPA3-Enterprise and TL 1.3 from TLS 1.2.

FIPS cryptographic modules allow Laird Connectivity customers to create a FIPS solution from scratch, avoiding years of learning, testing and development, as well as the 18+ months required to verify a FIPS module. Customers can enable Wi-Fi connectivity, provide end-to-end TLS data-in-transit, and require FIPS valid cryptography for data-on-rest for government agencies and private enterprises.

Chain of Trust Device Security is a turn-key solution that removes the burden of developing a device security architecture, implementing new secure manufacturing processes and creating a secure application for device image signing and key management. Laird connectivity exceeds industry standards to ensure IP and user information is secure. Consumer devices market the chain of trust device protection and supported device hardware speed time to market through a device protection architecture, large-scale production key programming, and a secure imaging signing service from one source.

Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation ensures that Laird connectivity device hardware contains a solution for BSP security lifecycle management from start to finish. Laird Connectivity provides long-term support BSP, regular CVE scanning, and reporting that informs clients of known vulnerabilities in BSP and BSP vulnerabilities remediation and mitigation. This allows teams to focus on adding value through their skills and outsourcing the burden of regular patches and software updates needed to keep BSP’s security up to date.

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