Land of clumsiness: Half of Americans drop their cell phones at least once a week



A study analyzing the treatment American users give their mobiles, reveals that falls are frequent.

Land of clumsiness: Half of Americans drop their cell phones at least once a week

Half of US users experience phone crashes at least once a week. This conclusion is one Its new research Safe data recoverywho investigated How reckless are the citizens of the United States with their smartphones. In addition to revealing that they drop them with a certain frequency, the study also discovered what percentage of users did Replace your mobile after broken And what they are The most affected model.

Not all states in the American country treat their mobile phones with the same recklessness. For example, Users in Utah and Connecticut suffered more from falls Its terminal compared to West Virginia. All this information, and much more, is provided by this study Safe data recovery made of Over 2,200 participants from across the United States.

Broken Samsung mobile

Half of Americans drop their phones at least once a week.

Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma are the most reckless states

It seems that citizens in the United States are somewhat clumsy when it comes to using mobile phones. This study shows, 44% of users drop their devices at least once a week, a fact that will surely keep you calm if you are one of those people who always have their mobile on the ground. It varies by state, they are Utahns (65%) are likely In those drops, followed by Connecticut (58%) and Virginia (55%).

Some such bumps against the ground can be really damaging to the phone. Considering the research data, 76% of users have had to replace their mobile phones For a new occasion after breaking it. This damage can be caused by bumps, falls and Also by water. You must have known someone who dropped their mobile in the pool or the toilet, or who took it to the beach, forgetting it was in their pocket.

How to recover or view data from mobile with broken screen

These situations can be irreversible, causing loss of data stored on the device. Research Safe date recovery that discovery 31% of respondents lost all information From personal photos saved to phone contacts list.

It’s interesting to see how, according to this study. 95% of users surveyed in Texas he was Replace your mobile After breaking Other states such as Missouri (88%) and Oklahoma (88%) also have higher figures.

On other occasions, the smartphone’s screen is broken as a result of a fall, which can be repaired. However, not all users like to change the screen for a new one and They still use mobiles to break the front. come 18% situation Among study participants, who admitted to having a broken phone screen with no plans to replace it.

US citizens are clumsy with their cell phones, yes, but at least they’re careful. Only 1 in 10 respondents said they do not use protective covers on your mobile. By using this accessory, falls are much less dangerous.

This research works to find out We are not the only ones who are clumsy when it comes to using mobile phones, Americans often get heart palpitations from smartphone crashes. As we see, there are many people who have had to replace their phone after breaking it and who have lost all the stored data.


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