Latest Facebook: Thousands of users blocked Social cleansing


As announced in the last few hours, there has been a massive “cleansing” of users on Facebook. Thousands of them have been blocked, for a very specific reason. Here’s what you need to know

Despite the ever-growing success of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Facebook Going to be the reference social network for millions of users around the world Born from the mind of the platform Mark Zuckerberg Collecting successes every day and cutting other goals, a phenomenon that does not seem to want to stop.

Big news coming to Facebook. Cleaned up with many users deleted from the platform (Adobe Stock)

Between posts, photos, videos, live shows, public and private groups, games and more, every user can find a real ecosystem. Accessible with a click. forget that metaverso, destined to “change the cards on the table” in the coming years. Meanwhile, there are news related to the platform populating users.

Facebook has blocked thousands of users, the reason is known

Meta just announced that it exists More than 1600 accounts have been blocked Many users. Why? They spread out fake news On sensitive issues of conflict Between Russia and Ukraine.

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The decision was taken to combat the sharing of fake news (Adobe Stock)

Specifically, fake Facebook pages were shared accessible with a link, which actually referred to sites containing war-related information. “Of these, one focused on Ukraine, two on France, two on Italy, three on Latvia, four on the UK and five on Germany.” Facebook explains with an official note.

Shares in this sense increased manifold during the summer, but peaked only in September. This is the biggest disinformation campaign ever about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Among the fake sites, there were also copies of it Republica, ANSA and Guardian. Among the list of 1600 affected accounts, there are also many that deal with another issue of no less importance: Chinese Propaganda In view of the mid-term elections scheduled for next November. The modus operandi has always been the same, ie sharing Facebook pages that refer to copies of authoritative information sites. About its potential Affecting the minds of thousands of users, Both Chinese and non-Chinese.

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