League of Legends: Wild Rift Anniversary Celebration is coming and with Patch 3.4: Spikes of Strength – .


Riot Games today previewed all the upcoming content in Anniversary Patch 3.4: Spikes of Strength League of Legends: Wild Rift. These include new champions, items, events, rewards and a new game mode.

Patch 3.4 expands champion selection League of Legends: Wild Rift By already known champions. GwenGifted Seamstress, a doll brought to life by magic, expands the choice of top lane champions. againUnforgettable Warrior, fight your way back from the spirit world as a melee mid and top lane warrior. Vex, naysayer, roll into the middle lane. With fear and his partner Chhaya Vex A yardle with a versatile combo of doom, doom and sarcasm. WarwickZaun’s Unleashed Wrath, a fearsome melee jungler that preys on low-health enemies across the map.

To do this, the AP item system will be updated with such item changes Liandrys Qual And like innovation cosmic drive. There are also two new supporter start items, Spectral Crescent And The final shield, each with a unique focus on offense and defense. Both items grant up to three charges, which can be used to apply lane pressure and generate extra gold – as long as an ally is nearby. There are also new and upgraded support spells to complement the items

wild crack Also gets a new experimental 1v1 game mode. in Dual mode Players can compete in epic battles in Howling Abyss.

There are also some updates for this Legendary ranking. High-level players trust their teammates to play their best champions, so this becomes a new requirement Legendary ranking Based on champion mastery rating. As a result, players will only be able to select champions for which they have high skills. Before playing a new champion, you must first gain experience in other queues.

You can start season 7 in October in regular ranking Magnificent Scarlet DravenA symbol of self-love, earned as a seasonal reward.

Additionally, Wild Pass progression and reward collection will vary. the field Additional rewards I mean now Wild Pass Wonderland. Wild Pass reward progression will be a swap from linear progression for levels 51-75 where rewards can be claimed in any order. Sufficient Wonderland rewards will grant an upgraded Wild Pass skin augmentation. There are two new ways to gain experience. All players can play through simple, repeatable missions for their matches, providing an endless Wild Pass experience. This mission has a cap that resets weekly.

Superhero Jays Wild Pass can be unlocked by reaching level 50. By match in Wild Pass Wonderland, skin Climbing superheroes to achieve

There are new seasonal missions for Elite Pass buyers to get all the rewards they want Wild Pass Wonderland Players who own the Elite Pass will be given a random tier 1 skin to earn The choice can be narrowed down to a lane role: solo, mid, jungle, duo or support

Finally, there are many events planned for this patch, starting with Arrival of Yon. The event brings new missions and rewards to the Rift.

Events followed in October Supercell Instead. Players choose a side and compete in an epic martial arts tournament. In this game, a fighter can be trained to participate in a tournament and earn rewards. These rewards are also available for non-daily players.

For the anniversary, then there will be free goodies Starch party To give dedication and encouragement to wild crack To celebrate the last two years. Finally, there are bingo events Witchcraft Vex.

The following skins will also be available with patch 3.4:

  • Space Groove Gwen
  • Witchcraft Vex
  • Magic Morgana
  • Witchcraft Miss Fortune
  • Martial arts tournament knowledge
  • Martial arts tournament set
  • Martial Arts Tournament Z
  • Glorious Scarlet Draven (Ranked Reward S7)
  • Super Hero Zeiss and Ascended Super Hero Zeiss (Wild Pass)
  • Alter Got Warwick
  • Crystal Rose Yon

More information is available Facebook, Twitter And Official website.

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